Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sacramento Fashion Week: Fabulous and Fun

Grand opening!

Everyone was raving about this ravishing model ^. She is purty.
It's always better with good company ^ 

I covet color^

My favorite everything ^ featuring fashion designer Janelle Cardenas models

Janelle Cardenas and two of her models! She is so sweet and a super genius. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Royal Song of The Day

Savage Beauty

lets get dolled up
today butterfly is queen
hidden wings no more
-  (BREX)

♛ (BREX) , butterfly antics, February 2012

Like everything in this world, there is an opposite. Life has death, the sun's is moon and sad exists because of happy. But what are the opposite of butterflies? It isn't their predators. What is the opposite of a human being? Living beings do not have opposites --not even the purely instinctual butterflies. Therefore, nothing should stunt our flight. Not death nor sadness or anger. We aren't their constant opposites.  
♛ (BREX), Madame Butterfly grows up, February 2012

Six days ago (February 11th) marked the two year anniversary of Alexander McQueen's death. He was the Michelangelo Buonarroti of fashion. Nobody has or will ever surpass his technique or have greater creativity. You simply cannot out do genius. 

La Dame Bleue, spring/summer 2008 Alexander McQueen
Since today is the very first Friday Muse on the Sun Queen Calendar, who better to play tribute to than than the king of fashion. As fashion weeks around the world come to a close, I will be thinking of you McQueen.

Some day, we will return to the dust in which we came from. The return must be natural. But no matter what, we will remain beautiful through and through. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In my heart of hearts

        First of all, I love my husband oh so very much. 

While my mama is right when she says, "everyday should be Valentines day" I think it's okay to celebrate it. But... the real reason why I love V-Day is because of my love affair with food, treats, my deep interest in commercialism and arts and crafts. Also, I love dressing up.

Nathan (left) Bridgett (right) life size construction paper outlines

Valentines outfit Dress: Charlotte Russe  Shoes: Ross

So I love flowers but I do not like the act of flower giving. Why in the world would you grow plants, cut their life chord from the roots in which they held to the ground and then give them to someone?!

  That is why my understanding husband bought me exactly what I wanted: a baby cactus (in a pot so it won't die in 3 days). Don't you just want to hug it? (brownie points if you know what comic strip this references).


Also, those who know me know I am all about CHEESY! I love puns, I love trinkets and I love oldies. I also like to listen to classics like Mary Wells with my head in my hands while thinking of the mister! It's fun to be funny.